Friday, June 10, 2011


JACK & JONES is a jeans brand that makes it easy for fashion conscious men to create their own personal style. In terms of design, the lines, Jeans Intelligence, Premium and Vintage have different target groups and expressions, but every piece of clothing can be combined with jeans.

Jeans intelligence
Jeans Intelligence is the core line of JACK & JONES, cool jeanswear for casual jeans lover. Jeans Intelligence features jeans with the trendiest fits and treatments to offer our customers the best and most fashionable jeans around. T-shirts, shirts and knits reflect the current, hottest trends with funky designs and daring prints as well as carefully selected colours and fabrics.
Jeans Intelligence is the continued story of the coolest jeanswear.

Vintage is a convenient alternative for those who like vintage clothing but prefer a modern twist. Wearing vintage ensures that your look will always be original and that it expresses your individuality. Our Vintage jeans are distressed; treated to give them that second-hand, worn look that you crave. The t-shirts and sweats might have a faded colour, the fabric is soft and the logo retro inspired and the shirts include flannel and classic Oxford button-downs.
With Vintage you're sure to get an individual look that stands out from the crowd.

Premium is for the grown up jeans guy. The collections have an array of classic designs and a playful charming youthfulness combined with updated evergreens. Everything is made to create a relaxed feel with a unique touch and exclusive materials. The Premium guy is a self confident and innovative type, who is progressive in making his statements. The Premium guy gets inspiration to stage his life everywhere from architecture, art and design to the movie industry and cultural events.
Premium is characterised by fashionable, yet relaxed designs in toned down colours

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