Wednesday, August 24, 2011


VERO MODA is proud to announce style star Alexa Chung as the face of the international fashion brand.

Being the quirky and fashionable cool girl she is, Alexa Chung embodies qualities which inspire fashion conscious women all over the world: creativity, fashion sense and a talent for making individual styles work for her are key to her presence on the best dressed list of international fashion communities.
One might think that fashion heaven had already been reached by the 28-year old model, dj and tv presenter, but no; the talented Alexa Chung continues to dazzle and impress and has recently signed to be the face of international fashion brand VERO MODA. The collaboration will hit the shops and streets all over Europe from November 2011 to July 2012, making Alexa Chung the star of four VERO MODA campaigns.

“We chose Alexa Chung to make a statement for VERO MODA. She is an extremely fashion conscious woman and will surely provide extra focus on VERO MODA’s trend styles. We know that Alexa is the perfect choice for VERO MODA, and we feel certain that the collaboration will take VERO MODA to a higher level and provide our brand with an added value since she is more than just any model and appeals perfectly to our target group. We feel honoured and complimented and are looking very much forward to our collaboration”, says VERO MODA’s International PR and Image Responsible Katja Hundrup. Choosing Alexa Chung to model,

VERO MODA knows that the match between brand, target group and model has been made, since not only her fashion sense but also her ability to shift aimlessly from tom boyish styling to full on red carpet glamour appeals to the women VERO MODA is designing for: a fashion loving, independent young woman, who is not content being fashion-cast as only one type but will effortlessly move between looks, trends and occasions, always keen to explore the directions fashion might take her. Creativity is the key, and Alexa Chung is all about exactly that.

The first shoot will take place in New York late August since Alexa Chung currently resides there in preparation for her newest TV show.

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