Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The 3x1 Made Here boutique/factory/gallery space in NYC is the mastermind of Scott Morrison. The name comes from "3 by 1" RHT—right hand twill—which is the standard weaving construction for denim. From its home on 15 Mercer Street, 3x1 Made Here works in a few ways. Denim aficionados can snag limited edition styles—which are produced in runs of eight to 24—for $350 to $495 for guys and $265 and up for the ladies. There is also a made-to-order denim option, which ranges from $575 to $775. Finally, the very deep pocketed denim devotees can work directly with Morrison to select from 60 selvedge denims to create their own bespoke pair—starting at $1200 a pair.

The really unique concept is that the shop/gallery also features a glass-enclosed, on-site factory where you can watch the designers, patternmakers, sewers and cutters in action making the pieces. We like how Morrison describes it: "It's like Santa's workshop." (www.ny.racked.com)

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